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The End? - The End? L'inferno fuori (2017)

The End? (2017) - The End? L'inferno fuori

  • HD
  • 100 min


One day, Claudio Verona, a young and successful businessman was trapped in his office elevator alone. He was on his way to attend an important business meeting with a client. He tried getting help by calling his wife, Lorena on his mobile, and also speaking through the lift communications to the building maintenance technicians. However, for a very long time, no one seemed to come to his assistance. Slowly losing his patience, he pried open the door to the lift but the width of the opening was too narrow and he couldn't get out. Therefore, he remained stuck inside the lift and isolated to the outside world. Unknown to him, a deadly and infectious virus has begun to spread in the city. The virus appears to transform regular people into extremely violent and dangerous zombies. Claudio wants to get out of this claustrophobic space, but as the events unfold, he got to witness the effects of the virus. Suddenly, the confined space of the elevator seemed like a safe haven for him. He can only watch helplessly as people that he knows (colleagues, friends and business partners) either turn into zombies or get slaughtered by the other zombies roaming the building. Soon, he found himself an ally, and together they try to fight their way out of the building to safety.

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